The bambino class is designed for 6-8year olds. The most popular engine is the Comer c-50 and tyres are the bambino specific all weather LeConts. Cults Kart Club allows for proper racing with standing starts, and is proving to be a very popular class on race weekends. With speeds up to 40MPH, the class is a spectators favourite. Weights are set at 69Kg ( Kart and Driver ) and rear sprocket is set to 80t.


Boys and girls can start kart racing at the age of eight in Honda Cadet. Then they can continue until the end of the year of their 12th. Honda GX160 engines are the most popular at Cults, although the GX200 is becoming more popular. Both have a centrifugal clutch and recoil starter cord and modifications are limited to keep costs down. Chassis makes are registered and they must not be modified. Prices of new equipment are controlled to an agreed maximum. Maximum speed is about 55mph. Like all the direct drive classes there is a right hand foot pedal for the accelerator and a left hand foot pedal for the brake.

Rotax Max, Rotax Junior UK and MiniMax

The Rotax Max uses a racing pedigree 125cc 2-stroke direct drive engine with an onboard clutch and electric self starter. The engine is quite powerful, although the maximum revs are limited, making the karts almost as fast as ICA or Formula A. The engines are much lower maintenance than the 100cc alternatives, and are sealed so that only approved dealers can service them, making sure no unapproved tuning is carried out. Rotax Max is the senior class, with Rotax Junior UK the junior equivalent for 13 to 17 year olds. The junior engine uses a less powerful cylinder and MiniMax is an even more restricted version for 11 to 17 year olds. Becoming very popular but careful consideration as to racing experience is needed before choosing these classes to start in. Rotax offer an all expenses paid World Final for selected senior drivers qualifying from their home championships. These are now the most popular classes in the UK. There is a Rotax Max/177 class, and a Rotax Masters for the over 50’s.

Gearbox Classes

For drivers over 16 years on short circuits. For long circuits like Donington or Cadwell Park drivers can start so long as they are no longer a novice, and are over 16 years old in the 125 and 210 classes, and over 17 for the 250 classes. ABkC national Super 4 short circuit championships are split between the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow and the Northern Karting Federation (NKF) series.

Other Classes

Cults Kart Club will allow any other class to run on raceday, with 3 or more entries. Please get in touch if you have any questions.