Welcome to Cults Kart Club

Cults Kart Club is an IKR (Independent Kart Racing) club in South West Scotland, founded in 2001 with a handful of fun karters who developed into local racers and grew the club to its current level of 80-plus members.

We run 10 race meetings per year which are broadly governed by the MSUK Gold Book, but using discretion in certain areas to cover expense.

Most MSUK direct drive and gearbox classes are covered. We also welcome historic direct drive and gearbox karts to the club and host an annual historic meeting.  Check out our rules for full details.

We look forward to welcoming you at Cults Kart Club!


2024 Championship Race Day Diary

Round 1 – 28th January
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Round 2 – 25th February
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Round 3 – 31st March
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Round 4 – 28th April
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Round 5 – ‘GP’ Plate – 25th & 26th May
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Historic / Classic – 16th June

Round 6 – 30th June 
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Round 7 – 28th July
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Round 8 – 25th August
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Round 9 – ‘0’ Plate – 28th & 29th September
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Round 10 – 27th October
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Latest news

  • Championship Sponsor - We are delighted that Potenza Racing Engines will be our Championship Sponsor for 2022! Thank you for your support as we commence the Potenza Racing Engines Cults Kart Club 2022 Championship!
  • 2022 Season - A massive congratulations to all 2021 Club Champions. We hope that 2022 will be a fantastic season for all competitors. Please check out our facebook page for latest information. See you all at Round 1!

2023 Championship Final Results


  1. Oliver Muir (C)
  2.  Danny MacLeod
  3. Logan Hyslop


  1. Cameron McNeill (C)
  2. Calum Gardiner
  3. Romeo Saul

Mini Max

  1. Kyle MacLeod (C)
  2. Chloe Waddell
  3. Logan Corrigan

Junior Max

  1. Logan Carson (C)
  2. Zac Waddell
  3. Rory Corrigan

Rotax 162

  1. Paul reid (C)
  2. Eric Garrett
  3. Andy Lock

Rotax 177

  1. Ross Jardine (C)
  2. Iain Watson
  3. Steven Dewar

Rotax Masters

  1. Gez jones (C)
  2. Rob Logan
  3. George Porter

Cults Kart Club Driver of the year

Junior –
Senior – Gez Jones