Welcome to Cults Kart Club

Cults Kart Club is an IKR (Independant Kart Racing) club in South West Scotland, founded in 2001 with a handful of fun karters who developed into local racers and grew the club to its current level of 80-plus members. We run 10 fun meetings per year loosely governed by the Blue Book but using discretion to cover expense and fun. Most MSA classes are covered with classes for two stroke direct drive but we will find a place for any kart. Gearbox karts are now starting to prove popular and are accommodated with a long straight. Juniors specifically are encouraged covering Bambino, Comer, WTP, Honda, Rotax and TKM.

We will find a place for any kart to race at Cults Kart Club!

2019 ProMech Championship Race Day Diary

Round 1 – 27th January
Sponsored by THE PUB, Stranraer

Round 2 – 24th February
Sponsored by McLeans Taxi and Coaches

Round 3 – 31st March
Sponsored by Reid’s Accident Repair Centre

Round 4 – 28th April
Sponsored by Hamilton Motor Eng Ltd

Historic / Classic – 11th-12th May

Round 5 – 26th May
Sponsored by Thompson Tippers

Round 6 – 30th June
Sponsored by Keith Johnston and Daughters

Round 7 – 28th July
Sponsored by McCulloch Coaches

Round 8 – 25th August
Sponsored by Sun Kai Restaurant

Round 9 – 0 Plate – 28th & 29th September
Sponsored by McCreadie of Newton Stewart

Round 10 – 27th October
Sponsored by CompAdvance Ltd

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Latest news

  • 2019 Season - A massive congratulations to all 2018 Club Champions. 2019 looks to be a fantastic season for all competitors. The club are looking to improve the facilities at the circuit for the benefit of all members. Please check out our facebook page for latest information. See you all on the 27th January 2019!
  • New Season - Congratulations to all the new club champions! After a fantastic 2017, the club are making preparations for the first race meeting of 2018. See you all on the 28th January

2018 Championship Final Results


  1. Gregor Reid (C)
  2. Cameron McNeill
  3. Luke Wilson


  1. Logan Carson (C)
  2. Rowan Harbottle
  3. MacKenzie Robinsion


  1. Ben Marshall (C)
  2. Finlay Dewar
  3. Chloe Grant


  1. Anthony Reid (C)
  2. Emil Depta
  3. Rob Logan

Rotax 177

  1. Bryan McCreadie (C)
  2. Ewan Logan
  3. Colin Campbell

Rotax Ladies

  1. Carley Robbins (C)
  2. Gex Jones
  3. Claire Quinn


  1. Simon Townley-Maylon (C)
  2. Ian Roddie
  3. Daniel Thompson